Why You Should Consider Custom Orthotics

If you suffer from chronic foot pain, bad posture, and overall aches and pains throughout your body, it is likely that you could benefit from a pair of orthotic shoes. Tamir Kfir designs custom orthotics for a wide range of clients. We design orthotic shoes for children, football and rugby, baseball, cycling, basketball, tennis, running, and much more. Custom orthotics can correct back problems and overall foot pain and it is as simple as wearing the orthotic shoe that is designed for you.

Common Assumptions about Custom Orthotics

• People often assume that orthotic shoes can only be used for day to day activities like walking and working. However, this is untrue. They can be used in all types of activities and they save users a lot of time and pain.

• Another common misconception is that they are expensive and take a long time to make. In fact, frequent medical bills and constant treatments are far more expensive than a pair of orthotic shoes.

• “I don’t need custom orthotics, I bought a pair of inserts at a sports store.” This is untrue. Inserts are only inserts. They may make your walking more comfortable, but they serve no medical benefit. Custom orthotics are designed specifically for you. They work with the grooves and arches of your feet in an effort to deliver pain relief and a personalized walking experience.

Take the time and invest in your health. Do not suffer for no reason. A custom orthotic may be the solution that you need to correct chronic foot pain. Deliver a significant return on investment to your health by investing in a pair of orthotic shoes provided by Tamir Kfir. We provide orthotic solutions to Toronto and the GTA.

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