• Children’s Orthotics

    Taking care of your children’s feet at an early age is important. Children’s feet should be examined from age three. As long as they are still growing and the bones...

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  • Football and Rugby Orthotics

    Football and rugby require considerable strength and stability, especially in the lower part of the body. The player’s foot must always be in contact with the ground – whether on...

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  • Baseball Orthotics

    Baseball has different requirements for each position. The pitcher needs to be stable, the baseline players need fast reactions with relatively small movements, and the hitter requires a fast reaction...

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  • Cycling Orthotics

    Cycling is different from other sports, as a cyclist’s feet do not touch the ground. To maximize pedaling strength, however cyclists’ feet must be balanced and stable. Cycling does take...

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  • Basketball Orthotics

    Basketball players are typically above-average in their height and weight. These special characteristics, combined with the intense physical demands of a seasonal sport, make them particularly susceptible to pain and...

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  • Tennis Orthotics

    Tennis players cope with particularly demanding physical challenges. Each game and each training session causes players’ feet to sustain countless shocks brought about by quick sprints, frequent changes of direction,...

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