What are orthotics?
Orthotics are an accessory inserted into shoes in order to create the perfect fit for each unique wearer.

What do orthotics do?
Most people’s feet are not perfectly aligned with one another. Orthotics correct the biomechanics of the foot, which supports optimal landing and propulsion, better posture, and improved balance. Orthotics are also effective shock-absorbers, acting to reduce pain throughout the body (feet, knees, and back) for increased comfort and performance.

Who needs orthotics?
Most people have structural or functional imperfections in their feet, which do not always result in pain on a daily basis. Over the years, however, neglecting foot problems can lead to chronic pain, particularly in people who are physically active, or who spend many hours a day on their feet. Many athletes, amateur and professional alike, have foot problems that cause pain and injury, both of which ultimately harm performance. Structural or functional foot problems directly affect other parts of the body, including the knees, pelvis, hips, and spine, and can cause other physical ailments that can become progressively worse with time. Conditions such as heel spurs, stress fractures, muscle pain, inflamed tendonitis, repetitive sprains, diabetic leg-pain, back-pain, and sore knees are just a few of the issues that athletes may face.

The bottom line is – if you can see uneven wear on the heels of your running shoes, or excessive wear on your everyday shoes, or if you suffer from pain in any of the above-mentioned areas, you could likely benefit from a properly aligned and fitted pair of orthotics. In many cases of discomfort, pain and suffering are unnecessary and can be relieved quickly and efficiently with correct orthotics.

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